Tinder revenge

As Tinder grew popular (gaining 25 million members) and seemed successful for many, Paul decided to download and give it a go. Soon enough, he had a date. Little did he know, he would be filmed having sex, soon to be sent to his dates ex boyfriend.

“She was really cool, everything seemed to be going pretty well”. So well, that he was asked back to her house. “We were fooling around a little bit.” But after moments, she asked for them to stop. She wasn’t feeling comfortable which of course Paul understood. She went on to open up about her ex boyfriend, going into detail about her 5-year relationship which ended due to him cheating on her for about a year. This was her first date, so understandably, she was nervous.


Paul, feeling awkward, continued to sit with her and comfort her as she cried about her ex. They spoke, sharing stories of being cheated on – Paul had been through it too. Hours had gone by until eventually she stopped crying and things picked up again. “And then, we were having sex,” Paul continues. Sensually, she whispers in to his ear, “Do you have any fantasies?”

Stunned by the question, Paul awkwardly said not really, wondering what on earth was to happen next. “She went on to say how she likes to film herself having sex”. After the night’s episode of tears and tales of cheating, Paul wanted to cheer her up, so decided to go ahead and let her enjoy her fantasy.


“She was like the director, getting me to move for different angles and I was just going with it.”When the sex had come to an end, they chatted and lay together, as you do, until he popped the question: “What are you planning to do with the video?”.

Her response was something he could only have expected if he was on an American punk show: “I’ve sent it to my ex boyfriend, you can go now by the way.”

Just like that, she was done. “I felt kind of used. I don’t mind but I don’t understand what she was hoping to gain from it.” Since, she has tried to contact him, with no apology mind, just to ‘see if he was out’. He never replied.

This is a reminder: if you’re ever going to take pictures or film yourself in the nude or during sexual activities, stay safe! The internet can be a cruel thing and expose everything you have. Paul’s story could have ended extremely different – he could have been the next Kim Kardashian. Read up on revenge porn laws here.


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