The male pill- would you swallow it?

The first male contraceptive since the condom looks set to be on the market within the next 5 years. But would men take it, and would women trust them?

Here are some of your opinions.

The name ‘male pill’- although we were surprised to find it is actually an injection- in itself seems to scare men off, with the thought of having to take it every day at the same time. It just all seems easier to let the women sort that out.

“There’s no pressure for men, it’s always on the woman to decide”– Lauren, 22

Even with male contraception- the condom being readily available, there is still the time old excuse every girl hears- that sex just ‘doesn’t feel as good’.

However, it does beg the question; would they be so carefree about the whole thing if they were the ones giving birth to a baby at the end of it?

“I’ve got a few girls pregnant in the past and that didn’t go too well, so it’s definitely something I’d think about”– Paul, 24

So what’s the actual science behind it? The new contraception involves an injection of Vasalgel, stopping sperms from escaping.

Just the thought of something stopping such a masculine process seems to make men shudder.

“As soon as you mention testicles to a bloke they wince” Chris, 21

There has also been controversy surrounding its side effects of acne, mood swings and weight gain- the same ones that women have been going through for years.

It’s not all bad though, as unlike the female pill, which generally tends to reduce libido, the opposite seemed to occur in those taking the male pill. So it’s not all bad right?

So maybe the ‘male pill’ won’t be for everyone, and let’s face it there will always be guys out there who take girls home unprepared. But in post condom-stage relationships we could see the gap in the market.

“Sometimes I guess you can be in that situation where a condom isn’t always to hand, so I think it’s good if both take responsibility”– Becki, 38

For men it seems they may need a little more persuasion on the topic but for us women, we say bring it on!


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