Tinder date scare: “He could’ve been anyone”

Jenny*, a 20-year-old student in Sheffield, is an avid Tinder user and self-admitted serial dater.

She thought she had finally struck gold when she swiped right on 22-year-old Charlie* and was met with the three most meaningful words in the dating world… ‘It’s a match’.

“I just thought he was fit,” she recalled.

Jenny admittedly prefers older boys because they’re more mature. Apparently two years makes a huge difference.

“I actually started talking to him first, which is rare for me.”

After a matter of minutes, Charlie was asking her on a date to a bowling alley. Even though he seemed overly keen, she took it as a compliment and accepted.

“He came to my flat beforehand and I knew the second he walked through the door, it wasn’t going to go well.” After noticing that Charlie looked completely different to his photos, she just felt lied to.

She also has no idea why she gave him her address.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, he could’ve been anyone.”

Nevertheless, the date went on.

After getting to the bowling alley, Charlie went to grab some drinks, insisting that she mustn’t join him at the bar. After one sip of a vodka and coke, Jenny couldn’t quite shake a paranoid feeling that he’d put something in her drink. Leaving it to one side, she played it cool and let him talk.

As Charlie yapped on, he mentioned Jenny’s love for skiing, suggesting they go on a skiing holiday together one day. “He knew everything about me, even though I didn’t tell him anything,” she said.

Freaked out by his obvious internet stalking, she was left feeling a tad vulnerable.

“He was very touchy-feely and full on,” she said. “It was really creeping me out, I just felt uneasy.”

This left her with no choice but to come up with a plan; fake an emergency phone call.

Although clearly angry that their date had been cut short, he drove her back to her flat. She later received furious texts demanding the reason why she really left.

“I just nicely told him that I didn’t find us compatible,” she said. “He didn’t like that.”

Seventeen frantic text messages and a few choice words later, it became evident to Jenny that this would go down in history as her worst date ever.

She still fears he’ll just randomly turn up at her flat one day.

“…Some people are so scary when you reject them.”

If Jenny’s learned anything from this experience, it’s that she’ll never give out her address over Tinder ever again. No matter how fit they are.



Words by Niamh Duckers


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*Names have been changed. ‘Jenny’ is still worried that ‘Charlie’ may turn up on her doorstep.

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