“Becoming a cougar at 46 was the ego boost I needed!’

When it comes to dating online, Nikki Clark, 46, is living proof that age is no object.

(I should point out at this stage, that Nikki Clark is my Mum!)

Nikki, from Nottingham, is a Mum of two grown-up children… and got divorced two years ago after a 26 year marriage.

“Initially it was all a shock, however I have never looked back and embraced being single.”

Nikki runs a successful hair salon, and doesn’t get too many opportunities to meet men ‘naturally’.


So, her first point of call was setting up dating sites such as, Tinder, Badoo and Plenty Of Fish.


What happened next took Nikki by surprise…

Nikki attracted a variety of ages, the youngest being just 17 who said…


“I just think about women your age a lot when I play.”

‘I took it as a compliment, but I’m old enough to be his Mother!’

Their main chat up line being, ‘older women are more experienced and more attractive.’

‘I’m old enough to be your Mum!’ was a term Nikki used a lot as the younger boys came rolling in.


The boys that Nikki was attracting were what you like to call ‘toy boys’ and described the older woman as:

‘Sexy, down to earth, life experience and great sex lol’


Although Nikki attracted the younger men, she was on there to find someone her age.

After speaking to them for a while, and if they were legit, Nikki took the plunge and went on a few dates.

‘I went on one date with a 35-year-old, but all the younger men on these dating websites just want sex! I’m too old for that now!’

Dating online is hiding behind a screen, and Nikki has found that the person doesn’t always turn out to be who they say they are.

‘I’ve turned up on a few occasions where their profile picture is from 6 years ago, and they look nothing like that now, I’ve been catfished a few times!’

‘Also when they tell me their Mum’s ironed their shirt especially to try and impress me… It really doesn’t.’

Although Nikki has had some horror stories in her time dating, there has been some successful.

With holidays to Rome and Greece Nikki realised… he just wasn’t the one.

Nikki is still on the hunt to find love.


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