Would you blog about your sex life? Lauren does.

Lauren has recently graduated from Lincoln University and is putting her writing skills to good use with an intimate blog about her sex life.

Reading Lauren’s blog, is like having that conversation with your friend about your sex life, that you’ve both been too scared to have.

When did you start the blog?
I started the blog in my final year of Uni. I guess I was thinking about the fact that I was graduating soon and I wanted to keep writing even though my degree was going to be over.

What made you decide to start blogging about your sex life?
I’d seen quite a few people that I knew starting blogs, and they all seemed to either be about fashion or makeup. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with that, but I didn’t know anything about those subjects and I wanted to write about something that I knew; and fortunately (or unfortunately, however you want to look at it) I knew about bad sex and the fact that people could relate to that because we’ve all had bad or embarrassing sex at some point in our lives.

monsters inc.gif
GIF from Lauren’s blog… we can only presume the subject is a penis.

Do you ever think about how many people are going to read about it and worry you don’t want them to know about your sex life?
Yeah I’m actually terrified of my parents and older family finding it. Although, if they did I’m sure I could figure out a way to wipe their memory or go into hiding so my dad can never find me and judge me for being a terrible daughter and role model.

Do you ever leave things out that you’re embarrassed to let anyone know?
I don’t really think there’s any point in leaving things out with a blog like this. If I’m going to put myself and my life out there, then it’s got to be all or nothing. Go hard or go home? Blog hard or don’t post? Are any of these funny?


What’s the most revealing thing you’ve written about?
Ummm I think the most revealing thing I’ve written about was my virginity story! I feel like that’s so personal to a lot of people, and sharing it is like sharing one of the most intimate moments of your life. Virginity is a rite of passage in our culture, so it’s the most personal story but also the most relatable.

You have a blog post about how someone took money off you after sex. Has anyone ever said anything to you about that? Have you just shaken it off?
Actually no one said anything about the guy taking my money! I don’t really remember that well, I just remember being furious about it like, who steals? I got the most comments about the pissing-in-a-cup scenario (a homemade pregnancy test) or the article I wrote about anal.

How often do you post?
When I started the blog, I had a plan that I was going to post once a month but I was born a procrastinator and I will die one. So, I post whenever I can remember to actually finish one; which is probably once every couple of months. I’m trying to write more though! I just need to get my life together first (although if I get my life together I won’t have anything to write about)

Do you ever go out to have sex purely for the blog?
Oh my god no. I know I’m self deprecating but I do love myself a little bit! It has gotten to the point where I think “how can I write a blog post about this” after having sex though. So it’s taken over my life because I feel the need to immediately write about the terrible terrible choices I make.

Make sure to read Lauren’s blog here.

Words By Ashleigh Cartwright


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