Confessions of a male escort

People are increasingly turning to male escorts to fulfil their sexual appetites, according to new statistics.

We had a natter with Spartan*, an escort with five years of experience under his belt, about how he got into the job, misconceptions about escorting and the strangest requests he’s had from clients…

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First up, what got you into escorting?
I got into the industry through swinging. People often overstep the mark in these situations so there has to be trust involved. It opened up a lot of ideas. After that, the next step was to offer paid services.

How do your partners feel about your job?
My relationship is quite unique so my job doesn’t impinge on it. Maybe in monogamous male-female relationships there are jealousies but with us everything is about communication.

What’s the worst part of the job?
Cancellations. If you’re going to the dentist or a salon you’d usually ring and cancel if something changes, but with the adult industry people think it’s ok to not contact you. They don’t treat it like it’s someone’s livelihood.

Who’s the typical customer?
People assume it’s rich businessmen but I get students and people younger than me. There’s no “type”. My main client base is male and I have lots of people coming to me specifically because I’m straight. I offer limited sexual services to men like bondage but most people come without a specific purpose. They just want a straight guy to use them and push the boundaries. But it’s limiting to put a label on someone’s sexuality; all I concern myself with is what they tell me they want.

Does the job differ much between male and female escorts?
Having a vagina makes it easier – increased demand means you can be picky which enables you to work in a safer environment. With guys, you have to scramble for some interest and can feel pressured to work with people you don’t feel good about.

What are people looking for when they come to you – is it sex, companionship?
I’ll always check what people want from the session beforehand and if I say I’m not going to do something, it’s a no. For safety reasons sometimes we can’t do what people ask for. A man came to me looking for electro-play torture which carries risks for people with high blood pressure. They didn’t say until they arrived that half their insides were made of metal, including part of their heart. I didn’t like the idea of accidentally killing a client.

That wouldn’t be ideal! What are you tired of hearing about escorts?
Clients sometimes think escorts don’t have other options and aren’t well-educated, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Also when it comes to STI’s, sex workers are the safest and cleanest people around. I’ve got multiple partners on top of this job and I’ve never had anything.

There must be a time limit on how long you can do this job.
Women can stay in the industry until they lose the will to do it. Guys, not so much. Being pro-dom will have a longer shelf life than plain escorting: it runs a bit thin between the ages of 30-35. The typical escort is young and athletic, so my physique should help me in the long run.

Any advice for would-be escorts out there?
Let friends know your whereabouts – we always satnav track each other. It means telling people about your job, though. You need someone to back you up.





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