Would you alter your sex drive if you could?

OK, lovers. It’s almost 2017 and, naturally, a brain stimulation device could change your sex life.

A new study has indicated that our levels of horniness can be turned up and down by altering our brain activity.

The study measured its participators sexual responsiveness. How did they do this? It’s simple. They had ‘customised vibrators’ strapped to their genitals, whilst their brainwaves were studied to measure how they change when expecting a zap to the V or P!

(Gif from Giphy)

To measure the brainwaves, the procedure consisted of a little something called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). TMS is a process where a ‘paddle’ placed above the head uses a powerful magnetic field to adjust your brainwaves. No big deal.

Speaking to New Scientist, Nicole Prause of the University of California said, “You want to see if they want what you’re offering. This is a good model for sexual desire.”

Sex and science. A classic double whammy.

So, not feeling the horn recently? Feeling the horn too much? (Is that possible?) Would you use a brain stimulation device to change it up?

“It’s not very sexy, is it? Can you imagine? ‘Wait a sec babes, let me turn my brain stimulation device on’. That’s mental. It’s like a sci-fi film, and they’re definitely not sexy,” That’s a resounding no from 20-year-old Katherine, who has clearly never seen Blade Runner.

“I don’t know who that is,” Katherine on Harrison Ford. (Image from Facebook)

21-year-old Dan, however, thinks it’s a work of genius; “I don’t need one right now but in, like, 40 years time I could be like Hugh Hefner.”


So, weird or genius? What do YOU think? Tweet us at @PillowTalk_Post!


Words by Niamh Duckers

Title image from Pixabay.

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