Are you dating your Dad?

It’s a stereotypical joke, that you’ll end up marrying someone ‘just like your Dad’, but is there more science behind it?

Relationship guru Dr Judith Wright has said from a young age it’s the interactions we have with our father that affect our choice of men.

So is this true?

Amy Pilgrim, 20, said, “I suppose it is true, I’ve been brought up around football so I’d be steered towards a guy that also likes football.”

“They’d probably get on with my Dad ultimately too then, which makes life easier.”

The study claims that we base an idea of love, on how our caregivers treat us.

Then as adults we are attracted to the people who treat us similar to how we were as children.

Danielle Warner, 20, said, “I have a really good friendship with my Dad.”

“I suppose my partner is a bit like my Dad, the most important thing to me was if my Dad didn’t like him I couldn’t be with him.”

Nicola Dudley, 21, said, “I didn’t have the best relationship with my Dad, he had a bad gambling addiction so I never wanted my partner to go down the same route.”

“Now I think about it, my boyfriend and my Dad have the same physique and body type.”

“It’s not until you think about it you realise that there is some logic behind it.”

And although you might be swiping right to that guy on Tinder because he looks too much like your Dad, he might just be the one.



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