Do you like using condoms?

There’s always been that huge cliché that boys don’t like wearing condoms.

But after discussing the subject with females as well as males, it turns out girls aren’t huge fans either. But condoms protect us from pregnancy and STI’s, so why aren’t we using them?

Condoms can ruin the moment. You’re in full flow but wait, time to stop and struggle get a condom out. Then we carefully put it on the penis, ensuring it’s on the right way and that there’s no tears. Amy Owen says: “I think by the time you have opened it, got it on and ready, I’m asleep.”


Charlie Lewis agrees: “You can’t feel anything, it’s uncomfortable and it’s a bit of a mood killer whacking it on.”

However, condoms do keep us safe. There are so many diseases knocking about nowadays and some very fatal, like HIV. And then there’s pregnancy. The rate of abortions in Wales and England rose 0.7% in 2015 – that’s 185,824 people who had an abortion in one year. There is so much protection out there and we clearly aren’t using it too well. Is it because condoms are getting in the way of good sex? Or are we just lazy?

“I’m on the pill and have a boyfriend of 4 years so I feel condoms are pointless for me as I know he’s clean. But if I was to have a one-night stand, I’d deffo use one,” Jen Blackburn said.

“But I hate the pill and condoms. There needs to be better contraception. I had the injection once and became numb to any emotion and have recently been struggling with the pill.” Is Jen right? Is there nothing out there that’s actually worth while? Condoms clearly aren’t the people’s choice and pills and injections have so many side effects it is driving people to depression.

There has been recent news about a male pill, which you can read about here. Is this maybe the line we are going to go down?

Sex is a great thing, but we all need to make sure we are safe. If you need any help, make sure to browse the NHS website.

Taken froom

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