Confessions of a male escort, pt. 2

We were inundated from emails after our first article with people wanting to share their stories of male escorting.

Here, Robert* agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. He shares his thoughts on the biz and offers advice to people who are thinking of getting into the industry.

“3 years ago my friend suggested I did some life modelling. I dared myself, signed up to an agency and went along to my first job at an art class in North London. Soon enough, I became a muse to one man living in Earl’s Court. He was very kind, intelligent and a great listener, owing to the fact that he was a trained therapist. Our sessions were very relaxing and even cathartic; they felt somewhat like counselling session at times. Eventually, he offered me £2000 to let him touch me. It was unusual, being my first experience with a man, but I was quite comfortable with it, so I thought to myself “hmm, there’s some serious money to be made here.” The rest of the story writes itself I think!”

“I did it for a year, but I think I could’ve happily carried on for longer.. I only stopped because I met someone and I would never expect them to put up with that! My current girlfriend knows all about it but I stopped as soon as I met her. She barely batted an eyelid when I told her! She’s German and it may be a stereotype, but mainland Europeans seem a lot more comfortable with sex than most British people. Our prudish reputation may not be completely unfounded.”

I thought if I disappeared down the rabbit hole of fetishes, I might never have returned

“People think that you must be mentally disturbed or desperate to do it: I don’t think I’m either, it was just something I fell into. I never would’ve imagined I’d end up doing it a few years ago. But it’s opened a lot of doors for me and I’m now studying to be a psychologist, something I couldn’t have afforded before.”

“When I first started I was a teaching assistant. If only they knew…but I felt no shame. Teaching is very underpaid and it goes without saying that I made sure my two professions never crossed paths! Pseudonyms are a must of course. I was aware that I might get spotted on an escorting website by a parent or colleague, but I also imagined that they wouldn’t want to admit that, for obvious reasons.”



“The typical customer would be men in their 40s, affluent and respected professionals living alone in incredible apartments around London. It was interesting to peek behind the curtain and see how the other half live. They were very successful but all their money couldn’t buy them happiness and that’s an important lesson to learn first-hand. ”

“I’d charge between £100 and £150 an hour, depending on their means. It was largely just intimacy they wanted, cuddling, some kissing. I rarely had to go the whole hog, although I was quite happy to do that too. I received many weird requests but I was determined to keep things on the level. I thought that if I disappeared down the rabbit hole of fetishes, I might never have returned.”



One man wanted me to defecate and then let him…ahem…clean up afterwards. That would’ve been a bridge to far, to say the least. I had a few requests from men who wanted me to sleep with their wives whilst they watched but I never went for that either. One young girl asked me to take her virginity. She was Chinese and said that they never have sex before marriage in her country. She’d come to England expecting a Hugh Grant on every corner and had only encountered Wayne Rooney’s so far, so she wanted a professional to show her a nice evening.”

“I think people need to accept that sex isn’t a dirty word, we all do it and we all want it, what difference does it make if money changes hands? Some question the morality of it, but I never felt like I was doing anything wrong. For me, I was giving someone what they wanted, I was making them happy and they were simply rewarding me financially. No one was getting hurt, no one was being exploited. I’m very aware that this isn’t always the case, but as long as everyone treats each other with respect, I see no reason for there to be a stigma attached to it. ”

“My advice? Just be careful, tell a friend where you are each time. At the very least, speak to clients on the phone first, you can tell if they’re crazy or not quite easily. Maybe I was lucky, but everyone I met treated me with the utmost respect! Always make sure you’re comfortable with it, I may be a special case in terms of how I treated it but it can be a lot of fun and very lucrative!”


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